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Understand the Gospel.
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Quick question:
What was last Sunday's Gospel reading?
What was it about?
Can you remember?
Can you even recall which Gospel it was from?

If not, you're not alone.

Most Catholics forget the Gospel even before Mass is over.

But think about it:

If we can't even REMEMBER the Gospel each Sunday....

...HOW can it shape the rest of our week??

The simple answer is....

It can't.

Unless we KNOW the Gospel, it won't have any power.

But what's the best way to do know the Gospel?

Study the Gospel in advance.
If you READ the Gospel passage before Mass....

And STUDY what great spiritual masters have said about it...

Then you'll experience something remarkable:

You'll remember the Gospel.

You'll understand the Gospel.

And the Gospel will transform your life.

But how do you do THAT??

Well, you really only have two options...
Option #1
Buy a BUNCH of Bible commentaries and spend HOURS each week finding relevant insights on each Gospel passage.
Option #2
Let SOMEONE ELSE do the research for you and simply read one short email summary per week....
I'm guessing Option #2 sounds a lot better to you...

Which is why I created...
How It Works
Step 1
Open one short email each Thursday morning.
Step 2
Read the Sunday Gospel, which is included in the email.
Step 3
Read three brief thoughts on the Gospel from saints, popes, and Church Fathers.
That's it!
If you can open and read an email, you can prepare yourself for Mass.

Then when Sunday rolls around, the Gospel won't be unfamiliar.

You'll know the Gospel.

You'll understand it.

And you'll be ready to live it out.
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